File Transfer & Management

Let us hold all your drawings on file. You simply call them off as and when you need them. Have your consultants send them to us electronically.

  • Storage of customer's files for easy access, distribution and printing.
  • DocumentStore – our online facility for viewing and ordering files
  • Full Document Management system also available
  • Files can be sent to us via our (free) FTP software or via e-mail
  • File conversion capability, DWG – PLT, PLT – PDF etc.
  • Vectorisation – we can turn your drawing into an AutoCAD file


We can hold all your drawings as electronic files. The files are arranged by site and by consultant. Within each consultant further directories are added for superceded drawings and for documents. Upon receipt of drawings we file the drawings in the site/consultant's directory and move any superceded files into the superceded directory, where they are kept in case they are needed.

Customers can view the titles of all the files we hold for any project through our secure online system called DocumentStore. This system also allows you to order copies, providing a fast efficient means to get your drawings printed.

Document Management

Some customers require a more sophisticated Document Management system which enables revision control, tracking of drawing distribution, online viewing of files etc. For this purpose Premier can offer an enhanced system tailored to each customer's specific requirements. Contact us for details.