Large format printing

Q. Which file formats can Premier print from?
A. Whilst we can print from most formats, for large format the simplest way to ensure you get exactly what you want is to send us .plt, pdf or dwf files. These are an encapsulated print file from AutoCAD, which contain all the detail you want printed. DWG, and DXF files need top be converted before printing, and there is an additional charges for this. Please see the notes on printing .plt files.
Q. How can we send you files for printing?
A. Files can be sent either by e-mail or via the filetrans site. Select a location from the drop down list
Q. How do I order prints from files you hold for us?
A. You can order by e-mail, through DocumentStore, our online facility. We also provide books of order forms which can be completed and faxed to us.
Q. How long does it take to print and deliver our materials.
A. Premier aims to turn around most orders within half a day. However large orders may take longer and very large orders, e.g. tenders can take a few days to complete. However we can also offer an overnight service for time-critical work.
Q. Can you deliver anywhere in the country?
A. Premier has many customers that fall outside its direct delivery areas, who we service using business mail or courier.
Q. What are your prices?
A. We work with most of our customers on a long term, fixed price basis, with prices based upon annual usage, but we are also quote for Ad Hoc work. Just give us a call.